Norway – Day 1 – Molde and the Trollkirka

I had planned to go to Norway in June, but unfortunately my flights were cancelled due to Covid-19. When the quarantine restrictions were lifted I found flights from Manchester (UK) to Oslo Torp airport for £50 return, so I thought, sod it and booked them!

Luckily my brother and his girlfriend were already in Norway doing a road trip in their VW T3 camper van. So I flew up from Oslo to Molde to meet them for the final week of their journey. Right after getting off the plane in Molde, I was thrown into an adventure!

Immediately outside Molde airport it looked like they had put on an airshow for my arrival, as a stunt pilot in a biplane did loops, barrel roles and smoke trails. Shortly after that Ben and Julia arrived in the T3. They said “we’ve just passed this hike we want to do, if you’re not too tired?”.

Well, I had been up since 2:30AM, but I was never too tired to walk up a small mountain to a cave! So we set off to the Trollkirka (the Troll’s Church) about 25 minutes north of Molde. The trail head was a small carpark just off the main road. The path wound through some pine forest and then up above the tree line following a stream which would eventually lead to the cave, taking about an hour. The path had wonderful views developing over the valley below.

The Trollkirka cave is southern Norway’s longest cave, but only about 70m long. Although easily accessible, caution must be taken as one of the four cave series recently collapsed (recent in terms of Geology!). The first main passage leads through a couple of small chambers before reaching the spectacular waterfall which is lit by natural light from above.

The waterfall at the of the first series. 5 image vertical panaorama, handheld, 1/10s

The second series is accessible by ladder (permanently in place for access) and leads immediately to another wonderful waterfall.

We then headed up to the lakes above the falls for a refreshing swim before heading back down to the car park. All in all the trip is about 2-3 hours return.

We then headed back to Molde and got the ferry across the Fjord to Vestnes and wild camped near Lundsfjellet Nature reserve, in preparation for hiking Romsdalseggen ridge the next day.

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