Ribblehead Viaduct Aerial Photography

Ribblehead Viaduct, Ribblesdale, Yorkshire, Aerial Photograph by Sam Davis Drone Photographer. Drone operator. Based in Shropshire / Powys area.

I grew up just down the road from Ribblehead viaduct at the top end of Ribblesdale in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, but because it was always there for me, I didn’t take the time to photograph it. As one of the most popular landscape photography landmarks in the UK, I thought I’d try and put my own spin on it.

I flew the drone up and down the viaduct looking for the right angle, taking care as a drone operator to watch out for RAF fast jets and other aircraft. I thought aerial photography suited the viaduct as when you ride over it on the train you are already getting a unique elevated view of the valley and surrounding mountains. I went for monochrome as to accent the form of the cloud shadowed upon the landscape, demonstrating the ever-changeable weather of the Yorkshire Dales.

As always this image is available to purchase on print or digital licence on my online store.

Published by samdavis

Sam is a professional photographer and writer based in the UK. Visit www.samsphotogallery.com to see his portfolio.

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