Mountaineering Adventure in the Ogwen Valley

Pen yr Ole Wen winter by Sam Davis Landscape Photographer. Ogwen Valley, Wales. Mountain, pond. water calm

I stayed overnight in my campervan in the Ogwen valley in County Conwy so I could wake up to freshly fallen snow and a winter hike! I walked up from Idwal Cottage towards Llyn Idwal below the steep cliffs of the Devils Kitchen. On my way I met fellow photographer Ben Hughes and product photographer Sandris Ilinigorskis. Sandris was working hard doing both the modelling for his outdoor clothing photoshoot and also doing the photography for it too using a remote control! After a good chat we decided to team up and head up Y Garn. That’s right, its a motherflippin team-up!

As we neared the top the cloud level began to lower and we could see that all of our time on the top would be spent in a cold cloudy gale. We decided we didn’t like the sound of that as we like to be able to see where we are when walking in the snow, so made the decision to turn back down the hill. Just as well, because shortly afterwards a thick snow storm began to fall! We managed to get most of Sandris’ products photographed, but sadly the shirt would have to wait to another day(not really winter attire!).

Below are some images from the day. The images that are for sale are linked to my online store. If you would like to Sandris or myself for a product photoshoot then please contact me at or Sandris via his instagram.

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