Norway Day 4 – Reinheimen National Park

Heggebottvatnet, Lake in Norway, by Sam Davis Photographer, August 2020

Following our previous night sleep wild camping in the mountain pass, we packed up the tent and drove down what seemed like an endless valley. We passed several lakes and stopped off in Reinheimen National Park at Billingen Seterpensjonat, which was a small restaurant next to some spectacular waterfalls. We ordered the house speciality which turned out to be waffles!

After a good break we decided to go on short walk which looped around up into some alpine forest and over a couple of rivers with stunning waterfalls. The loop was only a few kilometres long but was well signposted and a good break from the long walks we had done the previous days. The smell of pine and the occasional Deer sighting was humbling and the waterfalls a vast torrent of power thundering by. The walk did involve climbing over a rock which was wedged into a gorge, which was a bit disconcerting!

After the walk we drove further down the valley and had a lunch break at a place serving Elk burgers! The burger was OK but nothing to write home about. The lake was very inviting though so we decided to go for another swim (and a bit of wash/rinse if I’m honest). We headed further on down route 15 and filled up at Vagomo before doubling back to head down route 51. We found a wild camping spot just north of Maurvangen on a small headland by lake Ovre Sjodalsvatnet. We got a good night sleep before our big hike along Besseggen ridge the next day.

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