A fair way of making money?

Photo of Sam Davis by Sandris Ilinigorskis Product Photographer

Over the years I have tried to make photography my full-time career and source of income. It’s gone well, sometimes really well, but sometimes, largely due to circumstances beyond my control such as Covid and economic downturn, very badly.

I often post new images of landscapes and nature which people enjoy, and I enjoy taking them! I do reviews and make videos for Youtube which I also really enjoy making!

If you really like one of my photos, but can’t think of a place to hang a print, or really liked a camera review and found it useful, but Sam doesn’t sell cameras?!? Then you can show your appreciation (if you want to!), by buying me tea of coffee! Or if you intensely dislike what I’ve done, then you can buy me a shot of Tequila!

Something to think about… Links to “donate” below!

woman pouring cappuccino

Buy Sam a Tea of Coffee

Sam drinks several cups of tea and coffee a day!


beer filled mug on table

Buy Sam a Beer

Sam loves to relax at the end of a hard days photography with a pint of beer!


photo of people doing cheers

Buy Sam a shot of Tequila

Intensely dislike Sam’s work? Tequila sends Sam to a dark and horrible place!


If you actually REALLY like Sam’s photos and been meaning to buy a print? Visit the online store!

Published by samdavis

Sam is a professional photographer and writer based in the UK. Visit www.samsphotogallery.com to see his portfolio.

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