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Cornwall Collection

Here is a small collection of recent landscape photos from Cornwall. The seascapes are breath-taking in this part of the country and definitely worth a trip, for a surf, ice cream, lounge on the beach or just a general wander about. All images are available to purchase in my online store.

Black and white photography by Sam Davis Photographer, Caernarfon, North Wales.

Caernarfon Walls

I love the town of Caernarfon with its ancient walls and castle. Narrow streets full of shops and bars lay within and you really feel like you’re stepping back a few centuries. I took this one using the monotone preset in-camera with orange filter selected. This cuts out a lot of the blue and aquaContinue reading “Caernarfon Walls”

The Lonely Tree, Llanberis, Wales by Sam Davis Photographer. Wales Landscape photography. Llyn Padarn. Black and white. For sale.

The Lonely Tree

Last week I spent a good couple of hours trying to decide how I would photograph this infamous tree. The subject of many landscape photography prizes, the view changes over the year depending on the water level and also over time with surrounding vegetation. As a well known Welsh icon I thought it would makeContinue reading “The Lonely Tree”

Bwa Gwyn, Rhoscolyn, Anglesey, Wales by Sam Davis Photographer. Black and white landscape photography. Archway in the sea on the welsh coast.

Bwa Gwyn

I had a great evening photographing the coast around Rhoscolyn on Anglesey, Wales. The weather was changing quickly and the strong wind from around the headland was bringing in a fresh chop on the sea. As the waves lapped into the cove I decided it was best to capture the waves over a few secondsContinue reading “Bwa Gwyn”

Llandudno Pier by Sam Davis Photographer. Drone photography. Aerial photo. North Wales.

Llandudno Pier

It was a great day for black and white photography with some moody skies and empty streets. After walking up around the Great Orme, I thought I was happy with the shots I had on my DSLR camera, but on the way down I really started to like the symmetry and little bits of asymmetryContinue reading “Llandudno Pier”

Mythos: Ragnorok (Photo by Sam Davis Photographer)

Mythos: Ragnarok

I had the pleasure of going to see Mythos: Ragnarok at the Cockpit theatre in London on the 4th December. It was a startling show with dramatic theatre performance combined with terrifying wrestling and combat. A must see for any fan of norse mythology! The show was written and directed by professional stuntman Ed GamesterContinue reading “Mythos: Ragnarok”

View from Snowdon, Wales by Sam Davis Landscape Photographer misty mountain snowdonia

My favourite photo from 2020

I took this photo from the summit of Snowdon, Wales, in late November 2020.I love this photo so much that I have on a 2×4 ft canvas print above my stairs. Strangely enough you can now buy your own print too through my online store!


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