Sam’s Travel Blog

Adventures. Expeditions. Exploration.


Temples, white sand beaches, parties and sorrow.


Motorcycles, karst limestone scenery, Pho noodles and beer.


Volcanoes, chill-out, crystal clear waters and surf.

Freedom Camping at Djupvatnet, Norway by Sam Davis Photographer

Norway Road Trip

Join me on a road trip from Molde to Oslo. Hiking and camping.

New Zealand (coming soon)

A collection of road trips through mountain ranges and rainforest.

Thailand (coming soon)

Full moon parties, bustling Bangkok, quiet paradise beaches, cocktails and elephants.

Laos (coming soon)

River boats, gibbons, waterfalls and fusion cuisine.

India (coming soon)

Trains, forts, spicy curry, temples, busy cities and rural delights.

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