Mushrooms at Attingham Park

Mushrooms at Attingham Park, Shrewsbury, Shropshire by Sam Davis Photographer

I went on a trip today to Attingham Park near Shrewsbury. Attingham is a manor house with a deer park that is now run by the National Trust. I actually went to see the Deer rut but unfortunately, they did not perform and when they briefly did it was a long way away behind a tall fence! So, I decided to photograph some woodland mushrooms instead! I used the focus stacking feature built-in to my Olympus EM5 MkII which takes several images at different focusing distances and smashes them all together, so your finished photo is in focus from front to back. This is particularly useful when photographing small inanimate objects like mushrooms. Yes, you can use a higher f-stop but that also reduces the amount of light and can degrade the quality of the image. If you use focus stacking (or focus bracketing and stack them in post-production software) then this retains the light quality in the image.

I tried to identify the mushrooms. We are confident a couple are edible but as always, I don’t want to give any advice as to their edibility in case someone becomes very ill!

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