Landscape Photography Project for Nexus Electrics

Recently a local electrical firm, Nexus Electrics, contacted me and commissioned a landscape photography project. They wanted three canvas prints of local areas which were important to the history of their company. These would then be hung their office to brighten up the large white wall space. I took a couple of early summer mornings and late evenings. Yesterday I visited the office to see my completed work hung up on the walls. It was a very rewarding experience to see the finished project installed! Thanks Ian!

For these pictures I used a telephoto lens and a tripod and panned the camera left to right taking several images to then stitch together into a panorama on the computer. This method has two advantages compared with taking a single photo. Firstly, the extra zoom achievable means that you get more of compressed perspective, bringing what are quite small hills closer and larger in the image to make a more dramatic background. Secondly, the stitched panorama has a higher megapixel count so more details can be obtained when processing. Megapixels aren’t always important, but this did show in this project as a winning factor.

For more information about Nexus Electrics please visit their website!

Published by samdavis

Sam is a professional photographer and writer based in the UK. Visit to see his portfolio.

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