Llandudno Pier

Llandudno Pier by Sam Davis Photographer. Drone photography. Aerial photo. North Wales. Drone Operator

It was a great day for black and white photography with some moody skies and empty streets. After walking up around the Great Orme, I thought I was happy with the shots I had on my DSLR camera, but on the way down I really started to like the symmetry and little bits of asymmetry of the pier. I couldn’t get the shot I wanted from the ground, so out came the drone and I was able to get the simplified shot of the pier you see here. A great addition to my online store! I really like the solitary couple enjoying the peace away from what can usually be a very crowded spot.

Llandudno Pier from the air by Sam Davis Photographer

Published by samdavis

Sam is a professional photographer and writer based in the UK. Visit www.samsphotogallery.com to see his portfolio.

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